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Think there's something wrong with your system? Have water in your yard and don't know where it's coming from?

If you purchase our Extended Warranty Plan, service calls are discounted to $42.50!


We recommend getting your system taken care of for the winter in October, but the choice is ultimately up to the customer. This service needs to be completed before the first frost. 


$105 for St. Louis County

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Activation and Back Flow tests are necessary to check the irrigation system after the winter months.

The state of Missouri requires Back Flow tests to be completed prior to June 1.  


$165 for St. Louis County


Our Extended Warranty includes our Yearly Maintenance Planand discounts service calls to $42.50 per hour, except on Back Flow device replacement. This also offers discounted sprinkler heads and free Back Flow gasket sets and test valves.


$250 for St. Louis County


* The Yearly  Maintenance Plan covers Activation, Back Flow testing, and winterizations for $220.

  • Landscape lighting


  • Drip system install



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